Garry's Mod 2 would be in development according to its creator

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The crazy Garry's Mod For almost a decade and a half, bringing great joy to PC gamers with the unexpected creations it houses. From animation shorts to groundbreaking game modes like the Prop Hunt, almost anything is possible in Garry Newman's creation released in 2006.

Garry's Mod Hits Major Sales Milestone Over New Year's

Now the developer has begun to give clues about the existence of a possible Garry's Mod 2, sharing a meme on Twitter in which he implies that he is back to work.

It is possible that Newman has seen potential in a new version of his massively popular work now that Valve has released Source 2 with Half-Life: Alyx, thus offering an engine with better graphic finish and also with better physics than the iconic Source. with which the first GMod was created.

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Newman joked later thanking the support and adding "I hope nobody is disappointed when you see that gmod2 is a connect 3 game for iOS developed in Unity"

The release of a Garry's Mod 2 may usher in a new era of stupid game modes, memes, shorts, VR experiences, and endless follies that the community will take a matter of days to machine if this "sequel" finally materializes.

At the moment the original Garry's Mod is about five euros on Steam and for that price you have several million hours to make the goat in its many contents.

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