Gantz: the sexy bomb Reika comes to life with Uyuy's cosplay

Hiroya Oku, as an author with many erotic ideas, moved on to concentrate heavily on the action with the manga Gantz, which debuted on a fortnightly basis in Shueisha's Weekly Young Jump magazine in 2000. As it approaches its 20-year anniversary, we remember how the adrenaline-fueled history of Kei Kurono has also seen prominent women.

After a first phase full of twists and turns, Gantz introduced a completely new group of characters. Among the protagonists to have entered this moment of the plot there is Reika Shimohira, a well-known model who will slowly fall in love with the protagonist Kei Kurono. The author has exploited Reika in different ways, in particular for the cover stories where he has not hesitated to show her in quite winking and sensual poses.

This is why Reika has become one of the sex symbol of Gantz and this characteristic is also reflected in the real life transpositions produced by the fans. This cosplay by Reika Shimohira that you can see at the bottom in fact sees the girl with very little of the suit on her, who only partially covers her breast and groin leaving then the rest of the bare skin, as happened in many drawings made by Hiroya Oku. The cosplay made by Uyuy2907 has a distinctly sensual charge.

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We will not see Reika in the new manga Gantz: E, carried out by Oku for some months always on Weekly Young Jump and in the company of the designer Jin Kagetsu. Meanwhile, the mangaka is also working on another completely different series, Gigant.


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