'Game of Thrones': HBO dates the premiere of 'House of the Dragon' and explains why it ruled out the other prequels

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During the TCA, it was the turn of HBO, which has reviewed the series that are on the table for next release … or not so close. One of those series is 'House of the Dragon' the, for now, only spin off of 'Game of Thrones', for whose premiere we will have to wait a couple of years.

Casey Bloys, president of HBO programming, has dated the premiere of this prequel in 2022. Although, as he admits, it is still too early to be more concrete.

'House of Dragon', which is in the process of writing by Ryan Condal and George R. R. Martin, creator of the franchise, It will cover the history of the Targaryen as described in 'Fire and Blood', the book in which Martin gathers this part of the history of the Seven Kingdoms.

According to the initial information, the series takes place three centuries before what happened in 'Game of Thrones' and among its high points there will be the Dance of Dragons, the civil war between the Targayens that devastated part of the continent.

The long night and the prequels discarded

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But 'House of the Dragon' is not the only thing Casey Bloys has spoken about, but also of the destiny of the rest of the projects of series prequels, of which they have no short-term plans:

"Right now I think that issuing 'House of the Dragon' will be our number 1 priority. There are no other green lights blinking or the like. Who knows if at some point along the way, but there are no immediate plans. We are all focused on ' House of the Dragon '"

Recall that a few months ago everything pointed to what we would see before the so-called "Long Night", a project by Jane Goldman starring Naomi Watts that would take place at the end of the era of heroes and the construction of the Wall. In this regard, Bloys has said:

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"In development, in pilots, sometimes things work, sometimes not. One of the things that I think Jane did wonderfully, which was quite a challenge, was a lot of world creation because it set the series eight thousand years before the nurse series, so it required a lot. It's a great movement. With 'House of the Dragon' there is text, there is a book and that helped a lot for the series to be commissioned.

I think Jane did a beautiful job, it was a great challenge but there was nothing concrete that could point and say 'hey, that element does not work', just not usually not set. That is one of the reasons why when we begin to think about 'there is life beyond Game of Thrones in the terms of Game of Thrones' we develop multiple projects. We would be very lucky to make a pilot, have that pilot and be a success but in development, as you know, we need many attempts to do it well. This is no different."

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