"Gallardo is among the 5 best technicians in the world, if he does not direct in Europe or the Selection it is because he does not want to"

Of the capacity and quality of Marcelo Gallardo As a coach there is not much to say, the work that the Doll has done since his arrival in River Plate and the titles he conquered speak for themselves. In any case, it is impossible to ignore the praise that the DT receives from great figures in the world of football, even more so if they know the coach's methodology from the inside.

Before he landed on the cast of Núñez in 2014, Gallant had a brief step by National of Uruguay. Just two seasons, one as a player and the other as a strategist, were enough to get him two titles, the last as a professional footballer and the first from the bench of substitutes. It was there, between 2010 and 2012, that the 44 years forged his work as technical director and had under his command a football legend: Álvaro Recoba.

He only has to review the clubs where he played and how it went to know what kind of career the Chinese in his time as a footballer. Idol at Inter Milan and in the Bag, the former midfielder was praised for the Doll. "Gallardo is the best coach in America and one of the best five in the world, without a doubt”, he assured in dialogue with the Oral Sports.

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With more than 20 seasons as an elite footballer, Recoba He was under the orders of big names like Marcello Lippi, Héctor Cúper, Roberto Mancini and Óscar Washinton Tabárez, so there is no doubt that his words towards the River strategist are judicious. "If he is not directing to (Manchester) City, Juventus or the Argentine National Team, it is simply because he did not want to"he finished.

Another of the topics on which the Charrúa gave his opinion was about the future of Lautaro Martinez. “In my time I preferred to play in Italy and not in Spain. PBut if you ask me today, I would advise Lautaro not to hesitate to go to Barcelona. Because Barsa's level is above the rest of world football ”, affirmed about what the Bull should do with his career in the midst of the bid between the Neroazzurro and the Blaugrana.


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