Future State: Dark Detective, one of Batman’s weapons has backfired on him

The Future State event led the city of Gotham to become a dictatorial state governed by violence by the forces of the Magistrate. Is in the third volume of the Dark Detective series, Bruce Wayne realizes that the situation is even worse than it seemed.

In the Future State era, the Magistrate made it Gotham City a military zone where a curfew is violently enforced. Through the Peacekeepers, who are involved in curbing crime and eradicating the last remaining vigilantes, and particularly advanced technology that uses nano drones, people’s rights are continually violated, all in the name of false justice.

But in Future State: Dark Detective # 3, readers discover that the city is continuously monitored by a new version of the Brother Eye by Batman. The Brother Eye was a surveillance system invented by Bruce Wayne to monitor the movements of other heroes, which infuriated the Justice League.

After a long investigation, Bruce discovers that all of the Magistrate’s drones are connected to a single server, which is capable of control whatever is going on in the city. With this system, in fact, the Magistrate can peek inside any company, in the homes and even in the bedrooms of citizens.

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The Brother Eye was invented by Batman to protect the Earth, but this new version is only used for evil purposes, and this sensational revelation makes go crazy with rage Bruce. Additionally, a traitor roams the Gotham streets of Future State: Dark Detective. Batman and Catwoman’s daughter makes her debut as Batwoman.


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