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ANYbotics is a Swiss company that for years has explored different solutions to create robots. The last of his proposals is ANYmal D, a robot dog which is directly reminiscent of the popular Boston Dynamics Spot. Like the latter, it is designed to walk through all kinds of places and inspect surroundings.

ANYmal D is specifically designed for this. In addition to being shaped like a dog with its four legs, the robot also has all kinds of sensors and software. They say it is specifically designed to inspect industrial environments where it can be dangerous for a worker to enter.

Inspections in environments not recommended for humans

By having legs instead of wheels you can access some extra places like narrow spaces or stairs. It is also easier for you to avoid obstacles or move on slopes. If for some reason you lose your balance, it’s okay, have a system to get up and walk again.


Among the sensors it has highlights the LiDAR behind his back that allows you to analyze everything around you and map it in 3D. The camera module offers a 4K camera with x20 optical zoom and a thermal camera with a temperature range of -20 to 500 ° C. There are also directional microphones for recording acoustic measurements.

Screenshot 3

ANYmal D’s autonomy is an hour and a half, which will vary depending on the sensors you use and the load you carry. Once the battery begins to run out, the robot only returns to a docking station to recharge. It can work 24 hours a day, that is, it does not matter if it is day or night thanks to an LED projector that allows it to illuminate the environment.

Unitree A1, Boston Dynamics' Spot-like robot dog that can be used as a pet

From ANYbotics they have not wanted to detail what the final price of this robot is. Indicate that they will start offering it to customers with whom they already have agreements later this year. The price here is going to be the key, if you want to compete with the Boston Dynamics Spot in business environments.

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Spot Boston Dynamics, as we have seen on multiple occasions, is a robot that also specially used for inspection. They use it in buildings under construction, in nuclear plants or even in SpaceX launches.

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