Fujifilm’s new printer turns Switch screenshots into Polaroid

This must sound familiar to you if you have been in the “world” for some time: a printer for the screenshots of the Switch… and the announcement of the INSTAX Mini Link has become famous, a printer that arrives in time to Pokémon Snap and that offers us the option of printing our captures on the hybrid (or portable, depending on the model) from Nintendo.

And for the record: we already know from the users who have had it at their fingertips, that the aforementioned machine is the same as the one already available in stores, except that it has a brand related to Pokémon, and in fact, although it is not promoted no app is needed to print the screenshots on Polaroid paper.

Of course, there will be an application that will allow us to put some very cute Pokémon frames in the photos. Actually, all you have to do is send our screenshots to a smartphone and use the INSTAX Mini Link to print, without any frame. Yes, now as you can see it is actually quite obvious.

Nintendo and Fujifilm have teamed up in relation to this small printer with an app for a smartphone that allows you to decorate the captures. A small device that fits in the palm of the hand and that will allow us to put all that we have so suspiciously stored on Polaroid paper, with 59 frames to choose from thanks to the aforementioned application.

Here are some images

Although this transferring images and printing them is something that we did not need to explain to you, the best thing is that this Instax is becoming the spiritual successor of the Game Boy Printer, that small black and white printer that worked as a complement to the Game Boy Camera. Yes, we were years ahead and we didn’t even know it.

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