From Tron: Legacy to Top Gun: Maverick, will Joseph Kosinski say "no" again to the fan service?

In his career the director Joseph Kosinski has proven to be able to deal with film milestones, such as the iconic Tron from 1982 revisited by him in 2010: a similar fate will also fall to Top Gun: Maverick?

In his recent speech to Comic-Con at Home the filmmaker recalled what is perhaps his most famous film, followed shortly by Oblivion (2013), revealing some of the reasons that 10 years ago led him to boldly reinterpret i canons of the arcade videogame saga:

"You have to tell your story. The choice of fan service is always very tempting and reassuring, you know you have victory in your pocket, but in the end you have to decide if it is really useful to the story you are telling. If you can dose it carefully as a cocktail ingredient, then make the right choice. "

The director thus wanted to understand that not always satisfying the fans and proposing themes dear to a saga is good for the same, see for example the much debated Star Wars sequel trilogy. Kosinski's statements could however hide a double message, with possible reference to his next project with Tom Cruise. The two had already worked together right in Oblivion, demonstrating a synergy and stage power not indifferent and knowing the Hollywood star and super stunt it is possible that in the Top Gun sequel we will see something truly unique.

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Meanwhile, the infamous third chapter of Tron continues to be talked about with Jared Leto, especially after the recent statements by Disney, more than ever eager to bring the futuristic videogame cult back to the theater.


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