From the 60s to today: how the style of anime faces has evolved over time

Manga today represent a fragment of Japanese culture that has managed to spread all over the world, acquiring more and more success over the years, and like all forms of art subjected to a continuous market, it has undergone an evolution, in which many mangakas that have gone down in history have played an important role.

With the evolution of the Japanese publishing industry they have taken over new ways of drawing or making an idea through the use of different techniques, also changed thanks to technological progress, and to have undergone a great change was without any doubt the rendering of the faces of the characters represented, especially in the animated transpositions. Interested in this discussion, il CEO di Irodori Comics, On Takahashi, shared the post you find at the bottom of the page on Twitter.

As specified by Takahashi himself, a user has developed a graph that presents the main changes that have occurred since the dawn of this particular industry, in Showa period, up to the current Reiwa period, passing through the 30 years of the Heisei period. The main objective of the graph was to represent aspects capable of summarizing all the artistic trends of the periods considered, obtaining an interesting result.

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Recall that Japanese fans have drawn up a top 10 of the manga that deserve an animated adaptation, and we leave you to all the announcements scheduled for Anime Japan 2021.


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