From facing Milan and Real Madrid to an ambulance stretcher-bearer: the resounding change in life of a former Boca defender

The story of the Uruguayan Adrián Gunino and football is marked by very deep setbacks. As a pigeon of crack, he played in Boca and hit the jump to Europe with just 20 years.

In between, he disputed a Youth World Cup, also integrated the Major Selection and came to face Milan and Real Madrid with two different teams. However, as he himself confessed, got fed up with "handling" business surrounding soccer and hung up the booties at age 28.

This Uruguayan defender fulfilled the first of his dreams as a footballer in 2008, when with only 19 years old he was able to debut in the maximum category wearing the colors of Danube. Barely 16 games were enough to hit the big leap and achieve another of the highest wishes: play in Boca Juniors, one of the most important clubs on the continent and in the world.

At the same time, represented his country in the U20 Selection led by Diego Aguirre and was part of the delegation that participated in the Category World Cup in Egypt. He played all four matches with Celeste (three matches for the group stage and the remaining for the knockout stages) and scored two goals.

Too was summoned by Juan Verzeri for Sub 23 that disputed the Pan American Games 2011, achieving the bronze medal, and lbequeathed to the biggest after the teacher's appointment Óscar Washington Tabárez in a friendly against Chile, in November 2010.

However, its passage through the Xeneize did not go as planned. Of the handful of encounters he had hardly one was official: a 1-1 draw against Newell’s, with goals from Lucas Viatri and Leonel Vangioni, on September 3, 2009 at La Bombonera.

It was not easy because it was a staff that brought together many figures and had Carlos Bianchi as manager. But he had the luxury of debuting with the blue and gold against Milan in an international friendly: it was in 2009 for the Audi Cup.

His loan with Boca ended and another good opportunity came: the great leap to Europe. At only 20 years old, became the reinforcement of the Toulouse from France. He played 31 games in that 2010-2011 season and returned to his country to dress the colors of the historical Peñarol, club of his loves. But that year was the one that began to mark the decline in his carrer. Barely six games played and it was transferred to Phoenix, where he had another handful of more encounters.

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Enthusiasm was reborn and everything seemed to smile at him again to gunino when two loans came to play in Spain: first in the Almeria (30 meetings between 2012 and 2013) and Córdoba (43 games between 2013 and 2015), where he was a key factor in the green and white club that achieved promotion to the First Division. In that period for Spanish football came to face Real Madrid.

However, fell back into a well from which this time he did not know how to get out. The managerial and managerial operations in soccer exhausted him and He said goodbye to football at just 28 years old.

In the last hours, Adrián Gunino gave an interview to Last to the Bow by Spor890 who put it back on the scene. His story returned to take center stage when he revealed that he's an ambulance stretcher-bearer in his native Uruguay. With 31 years, He told how difficult it was for him to insert himself again in football for counting with "a one sheet resume."

"At the age of 28 I finished my career for an accumulation of things. My contract with Fénix ended, I waited 6 months and nothing came up. The managerial and business management exhausted me ”, he claimed.

The former Uruguayan defender also related how difficult it was to live away from football: "The player has a hard time looking for a job. My resume was one sheet … ”. And he counted which were the investments that did not have the desired effect. “With the savings I thought about starting a business. I had 5 soccer fields, a car rental place and invested in cattle. Some went well for me and others badly. Today I am a stretcher bearer in an ambulance ”, summarized.


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