From Dragon Ball GT to Conan: the new manga announcements of Star Comics

This 2020 forced Italian manga publishers to move differently than usual. Despite the pandemic, however, the titles continue to arrive, with publishing houses that do not give up on ads even in digital version. With a press release, Star Comics announces the arrival of four new manga.

If you leave with Dragon Ball GT Anime Comics – The Saga of Evil Dragons. While Dragon Ball Super is still ongoing, let’s not forget what was once the conclusion of the legendary Seven Spheres saga, released in this version in Japan last year. Composed of a total of three volumes, it will be available in newsstands, comic shops and bookstores from February 2021.

We then move on to Detective Conan, with the very recent spin-off published in Weekly Shonen Sunday in parallel with the main series. Detective Conan – Zero’s Tea Time dedicated to Tooru Amuro will arrive from February 2021 in newsstands, comic shops and local bookstores on the “Storie di Kappa” magazine.

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Then there is the return of Kiminori Wakasugi, mangaka who in the past brought us Detroit Metal City, while this time Star Comics focuses on the series currently in progress. The manga will start on the “Point Break” headline from March 2021 Asu no Esa Kimi Dakara – It’s time to go to his stomach, Ok? With 4 volumes in progress, it is a story between survival and the typical comedy of Wakasugi, seasoned with drama and action.

Finally, there is also space for a historical series dedicated to the female audience. In the 90s the manga was published in Bessatsu Friend, a magazine from Kodansha Mars. With its 8 volumes, the complete series will arrive in Italy starting from April 2021.

Are you happy with the latest Star Comics announcements? Let us know what you plan to buy in the comments.


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