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Friends and rivals? Pepillo Origel joins ‘TODAY’ after making peace with Legarreta

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This morning surprised viewers the presence of one of the show journalists more controversial in the program Today: Pepillo Origel.

Juan José Origel received the invitation of the producer Magda Rodriguez to integrate to make capsules on Wednesdays.

Although at the time Origel Cucumber announced his retirement from the media; At the request of the producer she would have agreed to join the cast, this after a scandal she had with one of the stellar conductors.

"I had already commented that after this race time I was going to retire, but the producer asked me so carefully that I accepted," said Origel.

Thus the scandal that starred Andrea Legarreta and Origel

A few months ago, an audio of the ever controversial Alfredo Adame was released, where he talks derogatory about the driver.

They even accused that Legarreta was unfaithful to her husband Erik Rubín with a Televisa executive; thus, Pepillo Origel ended up meddling in the subject because he allegedly would have spread these audios.

The arrival of the show reporter comes months after Andrea Legarreta said she would legally proceed against the people who defamed her.

After the scandal, the driver shared in her networks a message for the journalist:

“My dear @ juanjoseorigel you and I know what we love and that is more than enough… Always warm, loving with me and my family, always gentleman and good companion! I adore you Pepillo! ”Said the presenter.

Well they say that life is a roulette, because it is not the first time that a program driver is facing an old “enemy” in the forum.

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