Frida Sofia throws teasing and insults at Chiquis Rivera: ‘The only thing she has about chiquis is the brain’

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Chiquis Rivera Y Frida Sofia they had an ugly clash after having coincided in the 2019 Radio Awards. The controversial girls exchanged insults and even video there was one of the moments.

The problem arose after the daughter of Alejandra Guzmán allegedly he would have insulted Lupe Esparza de Bronco. Chiquis defended the latter and the controversy widened.

Frida Sofia is very popular with social networks and began answering fans in which she insulted and made fun of Chiquis.

“No mam **, I do not understand or why they say Chiquis. The only thing he has about chiquis is the brain and the eggs, ”he replied on Instagram.

In another publication, they made a comparison of the outfits that both used for the awards. Dressed in a similar outfit, a Chiquis fan said the latter was the one that stood out the most.

Frida saw the comment and replied, “But Chiquis from where?

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