Free PC Games: Torchlight 2 available on the Epic Store, the next two gifts have been revealed

As widely anticipated in recent days, today July 16 at 17:00 o'clock Epic made available completely free of charge Torchlight 2, hack 'n' slash by Runic Games ready to be freely downloaded by all Epic Games Store users.

To add it to your collection, all you have to do is open the game card and click on the "Get" button after logging in with your Epic Games account:

Torchlight 2 will be added permanently to your Epic Games Store library, but you only have a week to redeem it. At 16:59 on Thursday 23 July it will be removed and replaced by two other free games, which have just been revealed: it is Tacoma is Next Up Hero!

Tacoma is a science fiction adventure created by the authors of Gone Home, which catapults you in 2088 aboard a space station made deserted by a catastrophe. Next Up Hero, on the other hand, is a dungeon crawler in which hand-drawn heroes advance in their exploits by darting with blows, explosions, bongos and boomerangs. Both games will be free on the Epic Games Store from 17:00 on 23 July to 16:59 on 30 July.

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