Forza Horizon 3: It's official, will be removed from the Microsoft Store shortly

The promotion thanks to which Forza Horizon 3 was put on a strong discount on the Microsoft Store has instilled in many the doubt about the possible and imminent abandonment of the title PlayGround Games of the shop, which was made official by the colossus of Redmond.

Microsoft has announced that the game and all additional content related to it will be removed from the store both in PC and Xbox One versions starting from the next September 27, 2020. Until the last day on which the title is available for purchase, the offer will remain active and it will therefore be possible to recover the third chapter of the series for only 9.89 euros for the standard edition and 23.99 euros for the Ultimate Edition. It should be noted that anyone who already has the game in their library or will buy it in the next few days will be able to download it even after the removal of the store, which will only concern future buyers.

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Behind the removal of the game from the Microsoft Store it is possible there are simply reasons related to the game licenses, whose non-renewal will force the company to make it available only to users who already own it as has already happened in the past with other products.


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