Fortnite x Marvel: the Stark Industries of Iron Man are presented in video

With the entry of Stark Industries in Fortnite, the new Season of Epic Games’ battle royale dedicated to Marvel superheroes continues with the participation of the Avenger most loved by fans and his hyper-technological installation.

The update it brings Fortnite Chapter 2 to version 14.10 in fact, it brings the Stark Industries as a dowry: the structure of the inventor Tony Stark has crossed the rift between the worlds and emerged on the island to involve fans of the free to play shooter in a whole new series of activities.

Exploring Stark Industries allows fans to rack up loot and, in some cases, encounter a superhero or villain. From a strictly playful point of view, the update also takes care to add new powers and elements of the arsenal such as the Shot of Mjolnir of Thor, i Repulsor Gloves of Iron Man and more.

The entrance to Stark Industries also brings the Knock-Out Marvel, a variant of Operation Knock-Out which carries the War for the Nexus to a new level. In this series of challenges, players are called upon to use different superpowers to climb the tournament rankings in the hope of ensuring the salvation of Reality in doing so. Before leaving you to the video above, we remind fans of Epic’s free battle royale that on our pages you will find a guide on how to visit the Panther Hunt in Fortnite Season 4.

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