Fortnite X Discovery: an event dedicated to sharks arrives

Epic Games continues to seamlessly announce new events dedicated to the Party Royale of Fortnite Chapter 2, which after a series of concerts (the last was that of Kenshi Yonezu) and an event to combat racism is preparing to host a documentary on sharks in collaboration with Discovery Channel.

On the occasion of the Shark Week of Discovery Channel, the famous channel dedicated to documentaries is preparing to launch "King of the Tiger Sharks", whose trailer will be previewed in the now famous extra mode of the battle royale. The in-game event will kick off the next Monday 10 August at 20:00 Italian time and for the next 24 hours it will be broadcast again every 60 minutes. In short, you will have 23 replicas that will allow you not to miss the event.

Unfortunately, this time around there will be no free rewards for those taking part in this Royal Party mini-event, but the development team has revealed that in conjunction with the release of the King of Tiger Shark trailer, the costume shop and its set will arrive. theme.

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