Fortnite without peace: the owners of the 'real' Coral Castle are suing Epic

The Fortnite vs Apple war was not enough, the Rock Gate Park lawyers think about it further to shake the waters of the battle royale with their latest subpoena from Epic Games, this time for infringement of the intellectual property linked to the Coral Castle brand.

Lawyers for the famous Homestead, Florida architectural structure have it like this decided to sue to the American videogame giant foruse of the term "Coral Castle", the same one adopted by Epic to give shape to the homonymous setting of the Season 3 of Fortnite with Aquaman.

In reconstructing this bizarre legal case, Polygon reporters confirm that the representatives of Coral Castle Inc. filed a formal complaint with a Miami court on Thursday 13 August. Among the reasons given by the lawyers who look after the interests of the "real" Coral Castle, also known as "the Stonehenge of Florida", we find Epic's use of "architectural structures that lead back to the marine-themed elements of Coral Castle, with elements that evoke the feeling of a mysterious and ancestral place".

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The Florida tourist facility's lawyers asked the Miami court judges to obtain a financial compensation from Epic Games for the infringement of Coral Castle's proprietary trademark, accused of having adopted some misleading business practices. Waiting to receive updates on the subject, we remind you that on the pages of you will find an in-depth study on how to download Fortnite on Android without the Google Play Store.


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