Fortnite vs Apple: legal documents reveal the release date of Season 4

In the last few hours the legal battle between Epic Games and Apple is going on and, in the meantime, several documents are popping up on the net containing very interesting information about Fortnite Royal Battle.

In fact, inside one of the files that appeared on Twitter during the evening, it was possible to find out what the final release date of Season 4 of Chapter 2. According to what is written by Tim Sweeney, the next season of the battle royale will make its debut next Thursday 27 August 2020 and therefore there should be no delays of any kind. The information is also accompanied by a fact that is greatly amusing users on social networks, since the company has stated that the average duration of a season is sunny 10 weeks. Given the numerous postponements of recent seasons, some of which have lasted for several months, players are having fun posting tweets of all kinds that make fun of the company and its statement.

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We remind you that at the moment there is no information on the next contents and it is difficult that before next Monday we can see the publication of some teaser. In any case, rumors have sprung up on the net about the possible arrival of Wolverine and other X-Men in Season 4 of Fortnite Chapter 2.


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