Fortnite vs Apple: All future games in Unreal Engine may be missing from Mac and iOS

Epic Games and Apple continue to tease each other due to the dispute arisen due to the microtransactions of Fortnite Chapter 2. From the latest information that emerged on the story, it seems that the Cupertino company wants to hit hard the creators of the battle royale, removing all future games in Unreal Engine from its platforms.

From some documents published in the evening on social media, in fact, it would seem that Apple has stolen all the account with developer privileges, effectively cutting the software house off its platforms. It is very likely that this drastic decision could also indirectly involve all the third-party studios currently working on projects that use the famous graphics engine and who want to bring their game to Mac is iOS. In short, a decision of this type has at least the potential for catastrophic consequences and at the moment Epic Games is doing everything possible to run for cover.

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It cannot be ruled out that soon too Google can somehow do the same and, in addition, find some way to prevent Android users from installing Fortnite outside the Google Play Store, thereby damaging Epic.


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