Fortnite, the waters fall: sighted a spaceship and a coral castle!

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It really seems that the universe of Fortnite: Royal Battle is preparing again to reveal great mysteries to its many players: while the waters get lower and lower, intriguing secrets emerge from the seabed.

The game island map is undergoing constant changes, which have now revealed to the community the presence of two decidedly interesting areas below sea level. One of these, a rather surprising detail, is one spaceship. Even more peculiar, a small mission is connected to the latter. By recovering a missing component it is possible to activate a countdown. At the end of the latter, the player will be involved in a cute Easter Egg that see the return of the Spacetime faults previously seen in Fortnite.

At the same time, in another game area it is possible to spot an underwater kingdom: however, it does not seem to be, as many believed, the appearance of Atlantis in Fortnite. Rather, the latter looks like a coral castle. Explorable, however, this hides a large number of pitfalls! Are you curious to know more?

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Waiting to explore the entire seabed, we remember that the Kenshi Yonezu Concert in Fortnite Battaglia Reale is coming. For the occasion, it will be possible to obtain a special free banner linked to the event.

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