Fortnite: the three places to visit before they disappear with Season 4

The map of the Fortnite Season 3 Chapter 2 it is constantly evolving and the development team is progressively bringing out new areas, some of which should absolutely be visited at least once before the season ends.

In fact, it is likely that some of these places will disappear with the arrival of Season 4 and it would be good to take a tour, so as to discover all the secrets.

Here are the three areas to visit before the end of Fortnite Season 3 Chapter 2:

Coral Choir Island

It is the islet north-west of the map that appeared with the last drop in the sea level of Fortnite, on which some specimens of the Coral Choir who are building a kind of miniature city. By following our guide to the quest of the Coral Choir you could also get well 24,000 Experience Points completing a simple challenge on the island.

Pirate ship

This place has been present since the arrival of Season 3 and, despite this, many still ignore its existence today. Let's talk about a wooden vessel whose position varies from game to game, although it can only be found on the edge of the map. By locating this point on the map you can access a lot of loot which allows you to start any game on the right foot.

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The last place on the list is perhaps the most important of all, since we are talking about the submerged city of Atlantis. Currently it is not yet possible to explore this point of interest, since it is covered in water and is slowly emerging. According to what the dataminers discovered, it is a new place occupied by a boss complete with Scagnozzi and vault chock full of loots. In short, you would do well to keep an eye on the area north-west of the map waiting for the city to appear.


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