Fortnite, Season 4: how to complete the secret challenge The event of the year

The players of Fortnite Chapter 2 keep discovering bizarre secret challenges around the map of the Season 4 and one of these concerns a particular event linked to gnomes.

The secret challenge in question is called “The event of the year” and it’s incredibly simple to do. In case you feel like completing this challenge, all you have to do is land at theAuthority (or reach it later) and head east of the islet with a structure in the center. Your goal is located near the shore, where there is a large rock with a billboard on it and a small gnome looking at it: you just need to get close to the nice scene to complete the challenge and immediately receive 25,000 Experience Points, very useful for those who are climbing the levels of the Battle Pass.

If you are having difficulty in finding the exact place to reach, you can help yourself with the image that you find at the bottom of the news, in which you will find all the useful information. We remind you that on our pages you will also find tips on how to complete the secret challenge of the Corallino Choir in Fortnite Chapter 2 Season 4. Have you already read the complete guide to the challenges of Week 3 of Fortnite Season 4?

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