Fortnite, Season 3: how to complete all the challenges of Week 7

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Like every week, even today Fortnite Season 3 Chapter 2 has updated with a new wave of challenges. If you want to quickly get all the experience points at stake, here are the tips on how to complete the missions of the Week 7.

Search for chests at Corso Commercio (0/7)

As usual, land at Corso Commercio and open as many chests as you can. If you fail in one attempt, repeat everything until the challenge is completed.

Get health or shields from Panting Throbbing (0/100)

This is a very simple challenge, since all you have to do is go to Pantano Palpendente and recover 100 health points or shield by destroying barrels of Slurp or immersing yourself in the liquid inside the cisterns of the main building of this point of interest. .

Collect floating rings in Frignante Forest (0/5)

The blue objects to be collected around the map are back and this time there are a total of 5. On our pages you will find the guide with the position of the floating rings of Frignante Forest.

Find balls in Gattogrill (0/3)

In a similar way to what was seen with floating rings, in this case too you have to go to a specific place on the map in search of collectibles. In this regard, we invite you to read our guide with the position of the balls of wool in Gattorgill.

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Collect Stone from Rapids to Rest (0/300)

To complete this challenge, you must collect 300 stone units in the area called Resting Rapids. If you don't know how to reach this area of ​​the map, take a look at the guide on how to collect stone from Rapide to Riposo.

Eliminate players (0/5)

Nothing could be simpler, accumulate five kills in any mode and the challenge will be completed. It is likely that you have completed it without even realizing it.

Eliminate players (0/50) – Group challenge

The group challenges return once again and, after opening chests with other players, this time it's up to the eliminations. This challenge will take into account not only your kills but also those of the other players in your party, regardless of the mode. The quickest way to complete this mission is perhaps the Team Fight, where dozens of eliminations can be accumulated with the right team.

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