Fortnite, Season 3: how to complete all the challenges of Week 6

There Fortnite Season 3 Chapter 2 proceeds slowly and now reaches the Week 6, which welcomed a new set of challenges with quite a few Experience Points up for grabs. Here are some tips that will help you complete them all in a short time.

Inflict Damage to Wobbly Pit (0/500)

To complete the challenge in question, simply deal damage to Loot Sharks (excellent targets) or enemies at Wobbly Pit. You may not be able to complete the challenge in one game, so don't worry if you don't deal 500 damage points right away.

Eliminations in Pacific Park (0/3)

Another rather simple challenge, since it requires eliminating three different players (not necessarily in one game) in Pacific Park. Try to complete this challenge as soon as possible, as many will land on this point of interest.

Land to Authority and finish in the top 25 (0/1)

To complete this mission you must land at the Authority and wait for 25 players to remain alive. As usual there are no rules and, if you have problems completing the challenge, hide in a bush and wait until the last stages of the game.

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Take a weapon at Capanna Catasta (0/1)

To complete this challenge you must land on this location on the map to collect a weapon. On our pages you will find all the details on how to take a weapon at Capanna Catasta.

Search treasure chests (0/10)

Perhaps one of the simplest challenges ever: open a total of 10 chests, not necessarily all in one game, and the Experience Points at stake will be yours.

Search chests (0/100)

This is the first cooperative challenge of Season 3 of Fortnite Chapter 2 and requires players to open 100 chests. As you can see in the menus, it is advisable to play in Team mode, so that the chests opened by your allies are also counted.

Search for ammunition boxes in Borgo Bislacco (0/7)

In a similar way to the challenge related to the sands of Sweaty Sands, go to Borgo Bislacco and stock up on ammunition boxes. You may not find all seven boxes in one game, but luckily you can complete the challenge in multiple matches and in any mode.


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