Fortnite, Season 3: a leak reveals the arrival of new types of Flopper

In addition to having tracked down references to the impending sea level drop in Fortnite Season 2 Chapter 2, the dataminers may have found new consumables in the latest game files.

According to the findings of the leakers, in fact, they will soon arrive new types of Flopper, or the precious fish that can be caught and eaten to restore health or shield. Hidden in the files there are references to as many as 5 new types of Flopper whose function is only partially clear.

Here are every single fish that could soon arrive in the seas of Fortnite:

  • Thermal Flopper
  • Shield Flopper
  • Jelly Flopper
  • Hop Flopper
  • Fire Flopper

It cannot be excluded that these are not just objects useful for recovering energy and that there are consumables that temporarily alter the characteristics of the character or that can be thrown at enemies as explosive weapons. After all, even in the last seasons before the arrival of Chapter 2, we witnessed the arrival of objects that made the character faster for a few seconds and it is possible that Epic Games wants to reintroduce something similar in the game.

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Waiting to find out more about these Floppers, we remind you that on our pages you will find the complete guide to the challenges of Fortnite Week 2 Chapter 2 Season 3.


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