Fortnite: players ask Epic not to abandon Save the World

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Epic Games has already confirmed that in the coming months, support for Fortnite's PvE mode, Save the World, will slow down, with fewer content and updates coming soon. A news that the hard core of the community has not digested particularly well, asking the developers to retrace their steps.

A group of players thus launched the campaign Save Save The World (Save the World) with the aim of making Epic Games return to its decision and continue to support this mode too. At the moment, the Save the World story is incomplete and the team has already stated that it will never be completed, but the community is convinced that PvE still has a lot to say in the near future.

Epic also announced that Save the World will never become free, the move to free to play announced since 2018 it will not materialize, however, the game can be purchased at a reduced price with new bonuses for the Founders. In short, the studio seems to want to focus solely on the Battle Royale mode and to a lesser extent on the Creative mode, abandoning Save the World to its fate.

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