Fortnite: new confirmations on the arrival of the Venom and Black Panther skins

Thanks to the update of Fortnite Chapter 2 this morning, the dataminers were able to discover a lot of new information on skills and skin a tema Marvel coming during Season 4.

In fact, references of various kinds have been found among the game files a Black Panther it’s at Venom, the Spider-Man antagonist who will arrive in the game not only with a costume but also with a special ability that will take the name of “Smash & Grab”. By activating this special move, of which sound effects and icon have been published, players will be able to inflict massive damage to structures and enemies. We have already discovered several information about the ability of Black Panther over the last few weeks and the appearance of new images only confirms his arrival in the game.

Unfortunately we don’t know when and in what way these abilities will be introduced in the game, since these characters could also make their appearance as bosses, so that anyone who manages to eliminate them can take possession of their special moves.

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Speaking of the Marvel superhero, have you already visited the Panther Hunt in Fortnite Chapter 2 Season 4?


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