Fortnite: Jonesy as Thor in Infinity War in the new store skin

In the last few hours, the Fortnite Chapter 2 item shop has been updated with a new wave of skins, among which we also find a fun costume clearly inspired by the "Fat Thor" which snatched more than a smile from onlookers Infinity War.

Let's talk about the funny rare skin Jonesy maximum fit, sold at the price of 1,200 V-Buck (about 12 euros in microtransactions) and that includes the decorative back Beef package, featuring two additional styles. To accompany the set we also find the collection tool Snax, which offers two hatchets complete with ready-to-eat donuts and the cost of which is 500 V-Buck. Among the other unpublished objects present in today's shop we also find the female version of Durr Burger and Testa di Pomodoro, each of which costs only 800 V-Buck, since these are common skins.

We remind you that these are just some of the skins coming in the coming days, since the latest update of the battle royale has allowed the dataminer to discover numerous hidden objects in the game files. It also seems that another Fortnite X Marvel crossover event is coming, which will have Thor and Galactus as protagonists.

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Did you know that a Discovery Channel event will be held in a few days in Fortnite Party Reale?


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