Fortnite: how to find all the Floating Rings in Foschi Fumaioli

Last week's Floating Rings challenge didn't go smoothly and players were able to skip it. This time, however, you will really need to look for the rings Foschi Fumaioli for the challenge of Fortnite Week 5 Season 3 and we have prepared everything you need to find them all.

As always, the objects to be collected are a total of four and most of them are suspended in the air (these are still floating rings). This week your task is simplified thanks to the presence of the two huge smokestacks of Foschi Fumaioli, which allow those who dive inside them to be catapulted into the air and to deploy the hang glider, so as to aim at each individual ring without the need for build huge structures.

In addition to one map that we have created for you, on which you will find the exact position of all the objects to be collected, there is also a movie showing how to find the rings. In short, you have a lot of help that will simplify the completion of the challenge. If you find it annoying to collect the rings in a normal game, don't hesitate to do it in Team Brawl, mode in which you can move calmly and without other users ready to bother you.

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