Fortnite: how to eliminate Iron Man at Stark Industries

Stark Industries has officially landed on the Fortnite Season 4 map with a new point of interest that has overlapped the old Frenzied Farm. One of the challenges of the Week 3 just asks to visit this place and delete it over and over again Iron Man.

Tony Stark is in fact the new boss of Stark Industries and, like Doctor Doom, he can be eliminated within his area by dropping special powers and a badge to access his vault, which is a room full of high-level loot. The objective of the weekly challenge is very simple: you have to eliminate this boss in three different matches. Fortunately it is one Group Challenge and it is therefore possible to complete the mission even with the help of your companions in the couple or team modes. However, it should be noted that the bosses do not appear in Team Brawl and therefore you will not be able to take advantage of this mode to complete the challenge.

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Before saying goodbye, we leave you at map with above indicated the exact location of the area within which Iron Man can be found as boss

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