Fortnite: Epic account not accessible via Apple ID, here’s how to fix the problem

The month of August saw a tense confrontation suddenly erupt between Epic Games ed Apple, with Fortnite: Royal Battle at the heart of the confrontation between the two companies.

The decision of the software house author of the battle royale to unilaterally change the structure of the in-game purchases Fortnite was the trigger for the tension, which in a very short time translated into a real legal dispute. Apple and Epic Games have ended up in court, to assert their own reasons. At the moment it is not yet clear what the final outcome of this unexpected event will be legal battle, but the strained relationships have already translated into concrete consequences.

Among the latter is Apple’s decision to suspend the ability to access account Epic Games tramite Apple ID. Starting from Friday 11 September, this feature will no longer be available. Consequently, Epic Games informs users to proceed with thecredentials update by the date indicated: specifically, the current e-mail address and the account password. In the event that the deadline expires without the email being updated, Epic Games invites you to contact the support service.

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Against the backdrop of the confrontation between Apple and Epic Games, Season 4 of Fortnite: Battle Royale has kicked off.


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