Fortnite: an Epic Games post confirms the arrival of the Captain America skin

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After the numerous leaks published by the dataminer on the arrival of the Captain America costume in Fortnite Chapter 2, here also Epic Games unbuttons with a post on the official social channels in which it is hinted that the skin is about to land on the store.

The development team has in fact published a post on Facebook in which there are only three emoticons that, in their simplicity, seem to contain the message that fans have been waiting for: one shield, one star and gods fireworks. It therefore seems that Epic Games itself has confirmed that with the update of the object store of the July 4, 2020 we will be given the opportunity to spend the precious V-Bucks to buy the Captain's skin and, why not, other items belonging to his exclusive set. According to the latest information of the dataminer, the object shop will have an exclusive background for the duration of the mini-event, so as to show the iconic shield of the Marvel superhero.

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We remind you that the superheroes of the House of Ideas have already arrived in battle royale as skin and among these we find Starlord, Psylocke, Domino, Deadpool, Black Widow and Cable.

On our pages you will also find a comparison between the map of Week 2 and that of Week 3 of Fortnite Season 3, which shows the new areas that emerged due to the first drop in sea level.

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