Fortnite 2: fireworks at Sweaty Sands, Craggy Cliffs or Harbors

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Also today, 31 December 2019, Fortnite Chapter 2 offers players a new Mid-Winter challenge with a free reward. So let's understand how to find and shoot a firework on the beaches of Sweaty sands, steep cliffs or moles.

Although it may seem like a complex challenge when reading the requirements, it is actually an extremely simple task to complete and which takes no more than a few seconds. All you need to do is land on one of the three beaches on the map and interact with one of the numerous fireworks ready to be fired. Turn on the fuse and in a few seconds you will be shown on the screen the completion of the challenge.

If you have problems finding the places where there is a beach, below you will find a map with above indicated the position of all the points where you can complete the challenge and get the reward.

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Have you already completed the Fortnite "Glacier Search" Challenge Chapter 2? On our pages you will also find all the information necessary to obtain the second and last free skin of Fortnite Mezz'Inverno.

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