Former bitter rival of the Tri, Landon Donovan, surrenders to Carlos Vela

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The success of Carlos Vela does not go unnoticed even for those who had a bitter rivalry with the Tri, such as Landon Donovan, who recently He thought about the Mexican's ability and had nothing but praise to describe it.

"It is an inspiration to all of us. I didn't think that when he arrived, he was going to play at that level. It was incredible, deserved to have been the scorer and MVP. Also everything that will come for him, ”said‘ Captain America ’in an interview for ESPN.

The former American footballer, who was also awarded the MVP (award that currently bears his name) in 2009, in addition opined about the nascent rivalry between the Los Angeles teams, the LA Galaxy, for which he and the LAFC played, a group to which ‘Cracklitos’ belongs.

“It's good for everyone, like the rivalry between America-Chivas, Boca-River because the level and the sport grows, ”he said.

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