For Thirteen Reasons debuts final season trailer in Spanish

There are only 10 episodes left. Approximately 10 hours of For Thirteen Reasons and everything will have come to an end. The series will premiere its fourth and final season on Netflix on June 5, 2020. Although probably, many of you will already know this from the announcement on May 11, 2020.

In which case … what remains to be seen? Basically, the official trailer for Season 4 but with the dub in Spanish. Great news, considering that the coronavirus crisis has caused some problems in certain productions in recent months. You can see it below.

The day of graduation at Liberty High School is definitely approaching and students are making difficult decisions about their past that will change their lives and affect their future. Can they hide the horrible secret they have kept since the end of Season 3? How will they do it?

All those questions and many others will be resolved here. On the other hand, Netflix has not explained if the series will have an alternative tour once it ends. For example, through some spin-off. What is clear is that there are many fans who have felt sorry for the fact that For Thirteen Reasons ends so soon.

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Anyway, it is not the only great products that will hit the platform in the coming months. And it is that, due to the way they work from the company (well in advance), it is highly unlikely that projects will be canceled or delayed due to the coronavirus.

At least all those that were already underway at the time the crisis began. Now, this return to the new normal should also help us, little by little, to know data about future projects. Without going any further, there are many film productions that are already being able to resume filming in certain countries. Although not necessarily linked to Netflix, of course.


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