for fans it is the best series of the 21st century

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Between ups and downs the HBO Game of Thrones series ended by leaving many fans a bad taste in their mouths. Despite this the success of the production is undisputed and recently the adaptation of the novels of R.R: Martin was voted best series of the 21st century: do you agree?

The verdict comes directly from the portal Digital Spy, who conducted a survey on a sample of about 3,000 people, who confirmed by popular acclaim the homonymous recognition assigned to the Starks during the awards ceremony of the Emmy Awards of 2019. Shortly thereafter other small screen cult series such as Stranger Things, Doctor Who, Sherlock, Breaking Bad and Chernobyl.

In response to this flattering acknowledgment, the comment of Richard Brake, Night King performer in the show's fourth and fifth seasons:

"I am sincerely and incredibly honored, firstly that it is considered as such and secondly for being part of it. I think it's a very special series, both in history and in narration. I was incredibly lucky not only for being among the cast members, but also for being the most evil villain of all. "

A few days ago we learned that a Game of Thrones 4K Ultra HD box will arrive soon and that the adventures for Stark, Lannister and Targaryen are not over yet: Martin is in fact working on the novel Winds of Winter.

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