Food Wars 5: The Bookmaster finally made an appearance in the animated series

As fans surely know, the food-themed anime Food Wars born by the hand of Yūto Tsukuda is in the middle of its fifth season, which will close the beloved story that over the years has succeeded in the difficult task of involving millions and millions of readers and viewers all over the planet.

Well, right through the last episode of the fifth season of Food Wars, a character has finally been revealed that viewers have long discussed, namely the Bookmaster of the World Gourmet Organization. Although the readers of the manga were in fact already aware of his real identity, those who focused solely on the anime had to wait much longer than initially planned, but in the end the big revelation has arrived.

In fact, we are talking about Erina’s mother, Mana Nakiri, a prominent member of the Nakiri family and also possessor of the Palate of God. However, this gift turned out to be a real curse for the woman, who over time in fact she managed to eat any kind of food anymore, ending up being fed only through a drip.

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Before saying goodbye, we remind you that in recent months the criticisms leveled against the sexualization of various characters in Food Wars had been much discussed. In addition, the various episodes of the fifth season of Food Wars have split the audience, with many users who are showing grievances due to the different changes made compared to what is seen in the anime.


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