Food Wars 5 returns to show itself in a trailer: the last season shows the final enemies

Soma Yukihira first had to face her father for years, suffering defeat after defeat. The protagonist of Food Wars then tested himself at Totsuki, the most prestigious cooking school in Japan. After battles won and lost, thelast phase of its history with the season 5 of Food Wars.

The anime that was to air in the spring season was suspended in the third episode for Coronavirus as happened to many other Japanese shows. Now, however, Food Wars 5 is about to return and fully put on stage all the stories it had in store. To do this, the production launched on the site new official trailer of Food Wars 5.

Also available on Youtube and at the top of the news, the fifth season of Food Wars presents itself with scenes from the first three episodes but also with the stories that will come later. Obviously much of the attention is focused on summer challenge of Soma and on the Blue, the world-class competition that occupies the last part of the video. In the last few seconds we also see the new enemies that the Totsuki guys will have to face to reach the title.

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Food Wars 5 will resume on July 3rd from the first episode.


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