Flash, time travel confirmed: all the news on the film with Ezra Miller

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The acclaimed director of the modern chapters of IT Andy Muschietti he just gave the most sensational news: in his first stand-alone movie Flash will travel back in time. What consequences will there be? Here are all the latest news from the set with Ezra Miller.

The information revealed, however telegraphic, revealed some of the key details of the film: "It's a story about time travel: Flash comes back to try and save his mother" said Muschietti. "It's a spectacular action movie, but it has a big heart."

Not only will we see him struggling with time travel, but apparently the cinecomic will follow in the footsteps of the comic created by Geoff Johns (history) ed Andy Kubert (drawings): Barry Allen will turn the whole universe upside down to save his mother Nora, who died when he was just a child. In printed history the sprinter DC found himself in a parallel timeline in which his father, Henry, died of a heart attack and the entire Justice League never existed. Even there is no sign of Superman. In the comic book, key character would instead be Batman, who we will try again older and decidedly hostile, and with this revelation a first glimpse seems to have opened on the return of Michael Keaton as the Dark Knight.

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A similar storyline opens up to a real one reboot of the DCEU, which could be most providential to restart after the forced arrest of the works of Zack Snyder. It remains to be seen whether Ezra Miller will give birth to a Definitive flashpoint or if, in the finale, Barry will return to the future from which he started and what the possible consequences of his trip will be.

To date, all we know is that Muschietti's Flash will not resume the war between the Atlanteans and the Amazons and after this announcement we await more greedy than ever new updates.

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