First trailer of Javier Fesser's new film after ‘Champions’

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Ramón, a young man who is about to inherit the empire built by his rigorous and hermetic father; Bermejo, a sickly methodical vacationer of order and enemy of improvisation; Ayoub, a paperless African who pursues his dream accompanied by an unbearable woman who seems to have lost them all and Alipio, a small businessman plunged into the pit of gambling and despair, stars in this comedy, very Fesser, formed by four stories of interconnected humor that lead us to the conclusion that nothing is as fun as the misfortune of others and that the worse the protagonists spend the better the spectator will spend it.

Javier Fesser, the director of ‘Champions’ will premiere next April 30th, by Universal Pictures International Spain, ‘Regrettable stories’: “A thrilling journey, through surrealist humor, through recognizable and current situations in which reality is taken to the limit, dragging our characters, without them noticing, to painfully desperate junctures. Dead ends in which, against all odds, the thing ends well ”.

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Why overwhelm ourselves with our problems when we can laugh at the misfortunes of others? Under this premise and with his unique style, Fesser, who has written the script with Claro García, has assembled a cast headed by Chani Martín, Laura Gómez-La Cueva, Janick, Alberto Castrillo-Ferrer and Fernando San Segundo.

They produce Pendelton Movies and Morena Films.

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