First trailer for 'Soul': the new original Pixar movie and the director of 'Backwards'

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Last summer, coinciding with Expo D23, 'Soul' was presented, Pixar's new original story. Today we can take a look at first trailer of the film, which opens on June 19, 2020. The advance is very short but it has all the charm, beauty and humor that can be expected from the studio.

A trip to answer the most important questions

'Soul' is the new work of Pete Docter, director of 'Up' and 'Del reverse' ('Inside Out'). The official synopsis asks us a couple of questions: have you ever wondered about the origin of your dreams, interests and passions? What is it that makes you unique? The film proposes us a journey from the streets of New York to the cosmic kingdoms to find the answers to the most important questions of our lives.

More specifically, 'Soul' focuses on the character of Joe Gardner, who will discover his most brilliant and passionate self. Joe is a high school music teacher whose true passion is to play jazz. Just when he thinks he can achieve his dream, an unexpected event sends him to a fantastic place where he is forced to think what does it really mean to have a soul… There he meets 22, a soul that believes that life on Earth is not everything it appears to be.

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Joe has the voice of Jamie Fox in the original version while 22 is interpreted by Tina Fey Questlove, Phylicia Rashad and Daveed Diggs, among others, complete the cast. The original music is provided by Atticus Ross and Trent Reznor, a peculiar choice for Pixar.

It should be remembered that after several sequels, Pixar returns with two original films in 2020: before we can see 'Soul' this summer, 'Onward' will hit theaters in March. I hope that both work and that the public responds, so there will be no excuses to convert all Pixar movies into franchises and will continue betting on original ideas.

Poster of 'Soul' and trailer dubbed into Spanish


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