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 First look at Ming-Na-Wen in The Mandalorian with a new promo and image

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Ming-Na-Wen as Fennec Shand in The Mandalorian (2019 -?)

We are a few days before the premiere of “The Mandalorian” and Disney + continues with the promotion of the series, this time giving us our first look at the actress Ming-Na-Wen (which we know in the blog as the May agent of “Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D”) through an image and a short promo in which the protagonist of the series warns that his "Name will be legendary".

Along with this comes an article confirming that his character will be called Fennec Shand and that he will cross with Pedro Pascal's Mandalorian towards the middle of the season. Ming-Na-Wen explains how the idea for his character came about:

We are inspired by the name, really. The idea of ​​a fenec (an animal called Fennec Fox in English). It is complicated but still He manages to survive and be stealthy, very agile and elegant. I love everything that evokes his name.

As for his loyalty, something important knowing that the series will move in the grays, Wen only says that he is a mercenary and that, therefore, he could go on both sides. He compares it to Han Solo in the sense that the smuggler did not start believing in the crusade of Luke and Obi-Wan, but in this case she has already made a name for herself by committing true misdeeds. Judgment the subject saying: "Definitely loyal to herself".

On her background, the actress advances that it is not something that is carved in stone and that is still to be specified, although for her that is what “Wonderful to create a new character”. Yes, he says he has a good sense of humor.

As for his arrival on paper and how she has helped create it, Wen says he already has a history with Dave Filoni, executive producer of the series, given his past in Pittsburgh and that everything turned out to be a very fluid and organic process. One of the contributions he made was that the hair also evoke the fenec, giving it that pointed appearance.

It gives a very hard and unique look. I've been playing Agent May all these years with long hair at Marvel. I wanted to make this character, which is also a tough, different and raw guy in his own way.

As for his fighting style, he confesses that Fennec Shand carries firearms but claims that his body is also a weapon.

Via information | Vanity fair

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