Fire Force 2: the new teaser of the series reveals a new entry in the cast

Despite the different difficulties with which the franchise Fire Force had to clash during its life cycle, during which the public struggled to get passionate about the production of Atsushi Ōkubo, today the production can count on a rich fan base, with numerous readers and spectators spread all over the world.

The success achieved by the production was such that after the end of the first animated season, the staff in charge of the series confirmed the future arrival of a second season, which would continue to narrate the deeds of our heroes between epic fights and characters capable of conquering us , as in fact already seen in paper production.

Well, on the website dedicated to the work a short teaser trailer has been published in which it is possible to get in touch with a new character that we will be able to know within the series. We are talking about Pan Ko Paat, Captain of the Fire Force 4 Company and mentor of Shinra and Arthur when they were still in the academy. At present, not much information has been released on the character, who should still represent an important element in the script, but in return, the staff has kept us informed that the man is able to carefully study every dangerous situation for take advantage of any opportunity that may arise.

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Before saying goodbye, we remind you that in recent weeks a new key visual dedicated to the second season of Fire Force has also been unveiled.


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