Final Fantasy VII Remake: Square Enix Explains Sephiroth’s "Early" Appearance

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No one doubts the importance of Sephiroth (or Sefirot, if you prefer) within the framework of Final Fantasy VII. Both in the original and in the remake, it is evident that his role cannot be residual since for some reason he is one of the villains of the video game industry most remembered and loved by thousands and thousands of fans.

Now if you have played both the original title and Final Fantasy VII RemakeYou will know that the latter has certain plot “licenses” in general and also with respect to this particular villain. And we are not talking about the controversial ending, but also about Sephiroth’s early appearance in the remake. Now Square Enix has given more details regarding this decision.

The information comes, how could it be otherwise, through a new interview by some Square Enix members. In this case, from the producer Yoshinori Kitase and the co-director Naoki Hamaguchi. Everything, in an interview, that they have granted exclusively for Gameinformer.

The thing is, when asked about that decision to put Sephiroth in the game much earlier, Kitase’s response has been far more profound than might be expected. In other words, he has not limited himself to saying that he would not otherwise have had a presence on the Midgar side.

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This is what Kitase has said about it: “The original story was presented in mystery and of course, back then, no one knew what would happen. The production reflected this, with the conscious decision to avoid showing the imminent threat that Sephiroth is until the second half of the story, which increases the feeling of fear in a way similar to the movie Shark. “.

Apparently, the key to the change has been the fact that this mystery was no longer such: “This time, however, we knew that many fans were already familiar with Sephiroth. Therefore, we determined that taking the same approach in production would not be appropriate. Instead, in Final Fantasy VII Remake, we wanted to make it clear that his presence it’s one that dominates throughout the series as a role directly in opposition to the main character, and that led us to adopt this approach. “.

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