Final Fantasy VII in music: new compilation published by Square Enix

Among the strengths of many titles related to the famous Square Enix franchise there is often an engaging and exciting soundtrack: the case of Final Fantasy VII Remake.

It is therefore not surprising that Square Enix has chosen to publish one digital collection of excerpts from the work. With a set of 10 tracks, the album brings together every musical theme of Final Fantasy VII Remake from Distant Worlds and A New World. The album is titled "Distant Worlds and A New World Collections: music from FINAL FANTASY VII"and can be purchased digitally for $ 8.50. Here is the list of tracks incluss:

  • Bombing Mission (FINAL FANTASY VII) (from Distant Worlds) 04:03
  • Main Theme of Final Fantasy VII (FINAL FANTASY VII) (from Distant Worlds II) 06:46
  • Those Who Fight (FINAL FANTASY VII) (from A New World) 04:20
  • Aerith's Theme (FINAL FANTASY VII) (from Distant Worlds) 05:50
  • JENOVA (FINAL FANTASY VII) (from Distant Worlds II) 04:21
  • Cinco de Chocobo (FINAL FANTASY VII) (from Distant Worlds V) 04:43
  • Gold Saucer (FINAL FANTASY VII) (from A New World – Volume II) 02:29
  • Cosmo Canyon (FINAL FANTASY VII) (from Distant Worlds IV) 03:55
  • JENOVA COMPLETE (FINAL FANTASY VII) (from Distant Worlds IV) 03:42
  • One-Winged Angel (FINAL FANTASY VII) (from Distant Worlds) 04:30
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In closing, remember that the second chapter of the Square Enix remake is in development: at the moment it is not clear whether Final Fantasy 7 Remake Part 2 will be open world or not.


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