Final Fantasy 7 Remake, Square Enix presents the official puzzles: pre-orders are open

Following the warm success of Final Fantasy 7 Remake Part 2Square Enix has already announced that it has started work on the next project dedicated to the title.

During the month of July, in fact, Tetsuya NomuraThe director of the title officially announced that Final Fantasy 7 Remake Part 2 is in full swing. At the moment, unfortunately, there are not many details on what will be the characteristics of this new piece of the refurbishment process: the only certainty is that the game will lead the public beyond the walls of Midgar, after the city has represented the background chosen for the events narrated in the entire Final Fantasy VII Remake.

Looking forward to discovering some new information on the title, Square Enix teases the nostalgia of fans with a series of themed products Final Fantasy VII Remake, among which even two have found space puzzle dedicated. As you can see directly at the bottom of this news, one of these immortalizes Cloud posing on his bike, while the second pays homage to the entire cast of main characters of the JRPG. The first consists of 1000 pieces, while the second of 500: both can be pre-ordered on the official Square Enix store website.

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