Final Fantasy 7 Remake Part 2 between Sephiroth and delays for the Coronavirus: Kitase speaks

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During an interview granted to the editors of the Guardian, Yoshinori Kitase offered important clarifications on the development and characters that will characterize Final Fantasy 7 Remake Part 2.

Discussing the future of Square Enix's blockbuster blockbuster action, the producer of FF7 Remake explained that "Right now, the team is still making Part 2 using remote work. Our operation and efficiency has therefore temporarily dropped below 100% due to this, but it should not have a major long-term impact on title development ".

Having made this due clarification, Kitase focused on the playful and narrative experience of FF7 Remake Part 2 to underline how "At the moment I cannot give exhaustive answers, but I understand that there is a lot of speculation among the fans and that's what we wanted, we are pleased to see fans try their hand at these theories and hypotheses on the meaning of the ending of FF7 Remake. We wanted fans continued to argue on social media to keep the excitement high as we head to the next game. ".

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While without providing further clues about the marketing times and on the topics that will be covered in the Part 2 of Final Fantasy 7 Remake, Kitase offers clues about the narrative and precise plot that "in the original game, Sephiroth did not appear in the story section told in Part 1 of FF7 Remake, but we changed it to make it appear from the beginning in order to give it an important role for the entire Remake project. Sephiroth plays so a central role in the story that will be narrated in the next game, but I am unable to reveal more information at the moment ".

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