Final Fantasy 16 is reality! It will be released exclusively on PS5, Square Enix makes it clear – Updated

Confirming the rumors related to the announcement of Final Fantasy XVI at the PS5 event, the Sony show opened without leaving room for delay, with a trailer for the new chapter of the Square Enix saga!

With an engaging trailer, the Japanese videogame giant officially presented the setting and narrative context of the title. With Final Fantasy XVI, the iconic series embraces traditional atmospheres medieval fantasy, with atmospheres painted in dark and dark tones. The reveal trailer, obviously available at the opening of this news, also offers us a first taste of the imposing majesty of the evocations in action in the title, which embraces a combat system apparently dynamic. What do you think of this first taste of Final Fantasy XVI? Final Fantasy 16 is currently lacking a launch window, but its arrival has been confirmed on PC and, exclusively console, on PlayStation 5.

Update – As happened in the case of Demon’s Souls, the Final Fantasy XVI trailer was also removed and then reloaded by removing any reference to the PC platform. Square Enix confirms that iThe game will only be released on PlayStation 5.

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