"Filthy society": Tomás Carbonell explodes after suffering a new robbery

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The Spanish extenista Tomás Carbonell has denounced this Thursday a new robbery in one of his clubs, the fifth in three years, this time in a paddle tennis club located between Mataró and Argentona (Barcelona).

"The situation is already complicated, the club has no income and on top of this," he says in his note. "Filthy societyIt is the fifth time that we have been robbed in three years, "he adds.

"In the clubs that I have, in which I have been robbed the least three times. From entering and destroying all the machines, windows, safes, everything. This is the panorama that I live and have," Carbonell told EFE, who recalled that once ten years ago a gang of criminals entered your home. "They entered and they put a gun to my head ", said.

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"Thank you all for your support in relation to the robberies suffered, unfortunately I am used to it. I am still a privileged person, grateful for everything I have achieved, wanting to continue learning and creating small businesses. Nothing and nobody will scare me or kick me out of where I am. Salud !! ", he added later on social networks.

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